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Agent Webinar Series

加入SBAM和蓝十字,参加四个系列的网络研讨会,了解新的产品和服务解决方案,这将有助于您发展和维护您的业务. Topics will include agent services, small business advocacy updates, and innovative, affordable product offerings. 发现与SBAM合作的优势,为保险代理人提供一个完整的员工福利包,这是高效和无麻烦的.

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The SBAM Agent Advantage

成为一名保险代理人可以让你感到充实,并为你创造大量的机会. It can also be a lot to manage. New hires and terminations to your customer’s group insurance plans, compliance, claims, payroll, the list goes on and on. 有太多的框需要检查,有太多的线需要连接,给错误留下了很大的空间,让你的生活充满压力.

But what if you had a partner, who could help you make sure everything was in order and running smoothly? sam会员服务团队为我们的会员处理许多行政和客户服务事务,这样您就可以专注于重要的事情-您的客户.

Our team of experts brings harmony to your customers’ employee benefits, insurance, compliance and human resources. Contact us at or (877) 949-7226 today for the solutions you’re searching for!

SBAM The Agent Service Model

We can handle all OneSource® administration for you!

As a health and life agent, 依靠sam会员服务团队,您可以节省时间并专注于您最擅长的事情. 我们的团队通过我们新的OneSource®服务,为您的垃圾邮件赞助组的管理提供高效和无忧的解决方案.

从新业务报价到集团维护和利益变更,我们的团队为您提供服务. 所有的服务要求都可以通过我们方便易用的SBAM服务门户网站轻松提交, 让您简化工作流程,为客户提供最佳服务.

To Get Started:

  1. Make sure you have an active account in the SBAM Service Portal.
  2. 要求SBAM与您的机构之间的合同协议副本,以便SBAM成员关怀团队访问您的BCBSM/BCN机构门户.
  3. 在SBAM服务门户中提交一个票证,并选择“代理服务模式”上传您签署的合同协议.
  4. Give SBAM delegated authority within your Blue Cross Agent Portal.
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SBAM Brochures & Forms

Everything you need to enroll and service your SBAM customers including Dearborn, COBRA administration, and Section 125 administration. 我们的解决方案提供经济实惠的选择,帮助他们吸引和留住人才,并保持合规.

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SBAM Service Portal


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Life & Disability Coverage

迪尔伯恩人寿保险公司的团体人寿和伤残保险产品, 哪些是与密歇根蓝十字蓝盾公司合作提供的特殊福利

如果你是迪尔伯恩人寿保险公司的代理人, please complete the W9 form and Agent Appointment form.  Send both completed forms to and If you have any questions, please contact Linnea.

收到SBAM赞助的迪尔伯恩人寿保险公司团体人寿和伤残保险的报价, please utilize our quoting tool or email the SBAM enrollment and billing team directly at

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New Composite Rating Option for SBAM Members

SBAM现在为参加我们赞助的健康计划的公司提供综合评级选择. A composite rate provides a single premium rate for all enrollees in the group, offering a fair and equitable opportunity for all employees. This approach simplifies the premium-setting process for group health insurance, making it easier for employers to manage and predict costs.

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Agent Advantages

Valuable product solutions with simple and efficient quoting, enrollment and billing that makes it easy for you and your customers!

  • Exclusive consolidated billing invoice.
  • SBAM online service portal for communicating with our Member Care team.
  • Free OneSource® administration for your SBAM customers.
  • Quoting, underwriting, claims, and enrollment for Dearborn Life and Disability. 
  • Composite Rating option that makes it simple for employers to manage and predict insurance costs.
  • Compliance resources including Workplace Posters, Employment Screening, Handbooks, Legal services and Summary Plan Description.
  • Pooled Employer Retirement Plan 使代理商有机会获得额外收入,并为您的客户降低风险和省钱.
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Agent Hall of Fame

We love our Agents!  And to show our gratitude, we have the Hall of Fame program to reward you for all of your hard work. Discover all the perks you and your agency receive:

  • Free VIP level SBAM membership
  • Discounted Non-Blue and Non-Sponsored COBRA rates
  • Social media promotion for your Agency
  • Website recognition for your Agency
  • Included in our Lead Distribution program
  • Small Business Briefing interview with Brian Calley
  • Lunch for you and your staff

New Business – 100个或更多的BCBSM/BCN合同,加上COBRA、Dearborn、BCBSM/BCN的三条保险线.
Renewal Business – 200 or more BCBSM/BCN Contracts.

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Summary Plan Descriptions

您的客户只需将他们的基本计划信息与我们提供的法律页面相结合,SPD文件就可以分发给所有投保的员工. Their company will be compliant with the rules and regulations of the DOL.

Learn more about SPDs

COBRA Administration

您客户的个人COBRA协调员会发送所有必要的信件和通知, provides a monthly activity report and online access to their account, and collects premium payments from the COBRA-enrolled beneficiaries.

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我们的经济实惠和灵活的计划允许您的小企业客户提供完整的医疗服务, dental, vision, 生命和残疾一揽子计划,将节省时间和金钱,同时减少提供员工福利计划的麻烦.

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Flexible Spending Administration

With the cost of health insurance continuing to rise, 大多数雇主要求他们的雇员通过保费分担分担健康保险的费用, deductibles and co-insurance.  With SBAM’s flexible benefit plan administration in place, both your customer and their employees save through tax-preferred methods.

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Ask an Expert

当您的客户以高级、VIP或精英级别会员的身份加入SBAM时,他们可以访问我们的 Ask An Expert web portal for answers to all their Cybersecurity, HR and Legal Questions. Our partners, SensCy, American Society of Employers and Taylor English Law, are trusted experts that be relied on for accurate, timely information.

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A person sits at a desk with a laptop open to an invoice.

Composite Rating Option

SBAM offers a composite rate option for our members enrolled in our sponsored health plan. 而不是根据一个群体的年龄为每个成员分配个人费率, gender, and other factors, a composite rate provides a single premium rate for all members of the group, offering a fair and equitable opportunity for all employees.

Learn more about composite rating.
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Billing & Enrollment

sam为我们赞助的蓝十字蓝盾处理所有的帐单和登记, 蓝色医疗网络和迪尔伯恩人寿保险公司通过我们在兰辛办公室的内部成员医疗团队提供保险.

The SBAM Member Care Team will assist you with quoting, new business, policies, amendments and cancellations, agent commissions, and field support. 您的小团体客户可以玛雅吧2APP帮助他们解决所有的保险需求.

如果您要将客户现有的蓝十字或BCN保险改为由sbam赞助的小型团体健康计划, 您需要通过您的在线OneSource代理帐户向BCBSM提交一份滚转信.

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Workers’ Compensation

SBAM’s Accident Fund program provides an upfront 5% premium discount, and the program is dividend eligible. 分红资格仅仅意味着如果我们赚取的保费与支付的索赔的比较处于合适的范围内, then you get money back. 我们很高兴地告诉您,我们的注册会员今年将收到2%的股息!

通过事故基金提供的折扣工人补偿率和股息计划是sam如何的一个很好的例子, and the buying power of our thousands of members from across Michigan, can benefit your company. 你收到的节省远远超过你为sam年度会员支付的费用.

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Pooled Employer Retirement Plan

Take a look at our Pooled Employed Retirement Plan powered by TAG Resources, Transamerica, and Graystone Consulting, a business of Morgan Stanley.  该计划具有成本效益,并将雇主管理和责任外包.  We’ve negotiated exclusive savings for our members including:

  • 如果企业建立了自动登记的退休计划,三年里每年可额外获得500美元的抵免.
  • No initial set up fees.
  • Start up plans may be eligible for up to $5,000 tax credit to cover the TAG annual administrative fee (for 3 years).
Learn more about our PEP