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SBAM Cybersecurity Solutions

Our three-step solution provides expert partners to help prepare and protect you from a cyber breach. We help you find the right service to fit your needs, so your business continues to run smoothly. Each of our approved cyber partners will ensure that you:

1) Know the value of your sensitive information and where it lives on all of your devices,

2) Have the employee 培训 and 计划 in place to help lower your risk of a cyber attack, and

3) Obtain the right amount of cyber liability insurance coverage to help protect your company if a breach were to occur.

1. Free RiskAware Scanning Tool

RiskAware is the easy-to-use tool that measures the total value of your cyber information and how much you could be fined in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

RiskAware is revolutionary. It scans every file across every device and network for every user, pinpointing exactly where your sensitive data lives. You can remove duplicate files, better protect sensitive information and improve your company’s overall cyber hygiene.

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2. Free SensCy Score Assessment

A SensCy Score™ is a numeric representation of the effectiveness of the cyber hygiene in your organization. Using various data points, their proprietary algorithm calculates your score. You should have your score at or above 800.

Your SensCy Score™ is a good indication of your organization’s cyber hygiene and how prepared you are against cyber threats. SBAM’s partner, SensCy, can generate your score in less than 30 minutes for free.

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3. Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber insurance is often excluded from general business insurance policies – and even when it is combined as part of a general policy, it contains many fine-print contingencies and is no replacement for cyber insurance that is tailored to a company’s complex needs.

SBAM provides you with quoting and enrollment assistance from 10 leading providers to enroll in a cyber liability plan that will protect you if a cyber breach were to occur within your company.


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Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Serving a range of industries, 我们的合作伙伴, 事故基金, provides money-saving options and the proven tools you need to reduce your exposures to risk.

Along with the opportunity for up-front savings on premium and the potential to earn dividends on loss performance, all SBAM group members get full access to a full Resource Library. There you’ll find assessment tools, 培训, 计划, 提示表, posters and more to help you and your team maintain a culture of safety.

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If you are seeking legal representation, Taylor English Law Firm may be able to help. SBAM members are provided with special discounted rates – per month unlimited support or per service needs. Some legal services include bylaws, 协议, 决议, trademark filing, privacy and digital copyright.

You can also directly ask a question to a Taylor English attorney through SBAM’s “Ask a Question” web portal. A fact-based answer will be provided to you – completely free of charge.  

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