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Identity Protection

Allstate Identity Protection

Identity and Privacy Protection

As an SBAM Basic, Premium, VIP or Elite level member, you can protect your employees’ privacy, identity, and finances for as little as $7.95 per month.

Allstate Identity Protection proactively monitors the information, accounts, and transactions related to your identity in order to spot fraud at its earliest signs.

And if you do become the victim of fraud or theft, a dedicated Privacy Advocate will help you through every stage of resolving it. Allstate Identity Protection will reimburse you for any out-of-pocket costs related to resolving your identity theft.

You don’t have to figure out who to call, scour web pages for the correct forms, or worry about how much undoing theft will cost you.

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Peace of Mind Delivered

Allstate Identity Protection has led the identity protection and advanced threat intelligence pack for the last 10 years.  They combine their advanced investigative systems with their expertise in working with businesses to ensure companies and their employees remain protected from ever-evolving online threats. They built their identity and privacy protection plans with features your employees and customers actually want such as:

  • Allstate Digital Footprint
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Fraud alerts
  • Customer support
  • Expense coverage
  • Financial monitoring

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