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Cyber Risk Scanning Tool

Understand the value of your sensitive information.

Do you know how much cyber insurance you really need? SBAM’s approved partner, RiskAssure can help!

With their RiskAware scanning service, it only takes a few simple clicks to discover how much you should really be paying for cyber liability insurance.

RiskAware is the easy-to-use tool that measures the total value of your cyber information and how much you could be fined in the event of a cybersecurity incident. RiskAware is revolutionary. It scans every file across every device and network for every user, pinpointing exactly where your sensitive data lives. You can remove duplicate files, better protect sensitive information and improve your company’s overall cyber hygiene.

Every company carries sensitive information. The type and volume of this information directly impacts how much cyber insurance you need. With RiskAware, you reduce your risk and pay an accurate amount for your cyber liability insurance. 

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Free Scanning Option 
Get started by creating a free RiskAware account and receive a free scan of your systems every six months.

Standard Option *$9.99 per device per year
Receive weekly scans of your systems.

Plus Option* $19.99 per device per year
Receive weekly scans of your systems along with notifications and in-depth reporting.

Real-Time Option *$39.99 per device per year
Receive continuous scanning of your systems with notifications and in-depth reporting.

*SBAM dues paying members receive 10% off 

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Download the RiskAware eBook now.

A free guide to small business cyber insurance.

No business is immune from cyber risk. Get the latest insights on protecting your company during a cyber event, discover how much your sensitive information is worth, and learn how much cyber insurance you really need.

The 2023 guide shows you how to:

  • Keep your company protected with cyber insurance
  • Reduce financial risk via cyber hygiene practices
  • Support and justify a cybersecurity budget
  • Right-size your cyber insurance policy coverage
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